Clogged Lines

Sewer Backups

“Clogs” or blockage in the home’s service line cause the majority of sewer backups. The service line is the sewer line running from the home or building to the mainline sewer. Maintenance and care of the service line is the responsibility of the property owner. Therefore, it is important for property owners to understand the steps they can take to help prevent sewer backups, as well as what to do if a backup does occur.

Tree Roots – Roots from trees and large shrubs can be responsible for backups and damaged service lines. Before planting, know where your service line is located. It is recommended to keep trees at least ten feet away from your service line.

Clogged Drains – Grease, paper products, hygiene products, toys, etc.….will back up a sewer pipe quickly. The only product that should be flushed is toilet paper (Flushable wipes are really not flushable). Never use the drains as a trash can. Flushing or disposing of the wrong items can damage the sewer system, cause backups, and sewer overflows.

What To Do

If a backup does occur, first call a plumber to clear any internal drain lines and the service line from the home/building to the mainline. Once the service line is cleared of the obstruction (roots, grease, and debris) then the service line should drain as normal. This should be done before contacting the Sanitary District to investigate the issue.

If the plumber determines the sewer line is clogged or broken in the public right of away or within the District’s easement, then call the Sanitary District at 928-368-5370. If the problem is found to be on private property, the property owner is responsible for the repairs. If the problem is located within the public right away or District’s easements, the Sanitary District will be responsible for the repairs.