Stake Before You Dig

What is Arizona 811?
It’s the LAW!

If you are planning to dig in your yard or along your property line, or any type of excavating, call this free service 48 hours in advance, Monday through Friday, so all utilities have a chance to mark their lines. Utilities will respond within 2 working days and the marks are good for 15 working days as long as they are clear.

Call 811 Before You Dig

All utilities have different marking colors so they are easily identifiable. The Pinetop-Lakeside Sanitary District will mark in green that portion of the sewer line from the mainline to the cleanout, usually inside a meter box, at your property line. Not all sewer lines extend from the streets as some extend across properties in sewer easements or other utility easements, so it’s important to always call for a blue stake. The property owners’ sewer service line is NOT marked as this is a private line.

Don’t call us directly to mark your property, call 811. It’s that easy!

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